Marriage Announcement

Hey Ellen and Chrisy,

I'm engaged! Jemima asked me to marry her. We were going to move in together anyway, but now she wants to get out of the city. So we might go to New Jersey, or some quiet state. Anyway, I would love if you two could come out to the wedding. Here's a marriage announcement:

Ellen Francolini and Chrisy Samuels are invited to the wedding of Jemima M. and Frances Francolini. It will be held January 11th at the Mistang Community Church at 557 Laro Street, New York, New York. Join us afterwards for a celebration at Jax Bar! We hope you can attend!

Jemima wanted a great wedding, but because of our budget we had to keep it small and sweet. Just a hundred of her friends, and you and Chrisy. It would mean so much to us if you came! Especially after all that's happened.



The End

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