Stop trying to steal him!


I received a letter from Frances, and let me tell you, I don't believe a word of it. He just magically created a maniac sister who kills little girls. It sounds like a bunch of horror movie nonsense. I bet you're apart of this. You probably helped him spin this little tale so that he would have a reason to see you again. I've read the letters you sent him, begging him not to leave you. Now your taking him across continental shores so you can try to woo him. Well guess what? I'm not going done without a fight. I love Frances more than you could ever understand. I will not lose him to a floosy like you, trying to brain wash him.

He will propose to me, and I will have the wedding of my dreams. We will have a beautiful house, and even more beautiful children. I will finally have the life that I have been repeatedly denied.

All there's left to do is cut you out of the picture.


The End

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