Dearest Jemima

Dearest Jemima,

I'm in London now. I told you about my sister, the one who had that problem and was living with my dad? Well, she killed  she killed a little girl. I know. It was our half sister Hazel, who she couldn't stand. Please don't think she is a violent murderer, because she really had no idea what she was doing. Anyway, it's pretty bleak around here. I wish you could stand next to me and comfort me.

Anyway, Chelsea is going to an asylum. I think it will be a good thing for her. Ellen, who is almost eighteen, will be going to college soon. She can't handle things anymore, and she wants to get away. She's going to go stay with Chrisy until she's old enough to go. I'll sell the house, and Mum will live in a home.

I'll be back in New York in about 2 weeks, and then we can get an apartment. Lindie and Dad aren't going to sue Chelsea, but they will never speak to any of us again, and they are moving to Switzerland. I went to talk to Lindie, and she slammed the door in my face.

I love you and wish for your comfort.


The End

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