Frances please forgive me

Frances, please just please forgive me. I was only off my meds for two days. I just couldn't take the headaches anymore I felt like my head was about to explode. So I gave myself a break, It was only suppose to be for the weekend. I didn't think the voices would be that much of a problem. I felt totally in control of myself but when Hazel started screaming again I saw the painting " the Scream". It was all I could see. She became the screamer. The colors melted around me and pooled at my feet. I was afraid I would be dragged in the painting too. I thought I was attacking the colors. I never ment for anything like this to happen. I'm not a murderer. I may be morbid but I have no malice in me. If you could show this letter to Lindie maybe she would understand a bit more. I understand if she can't forgive me, I can't forgive me. I didn't mean to be careless. I didn't mean to be I'm just so sorry.


The End

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