I'm glad your having a good time

Dear Frances,

I'm glad your having all this fun, I really am. I'm not sure about this Jemina chick but then again I'm not even sure about me. Am I real? Or am I just a figament of my own grand imagination? Oh by the way, Ellen is in love with his guy. She won't tell me anything about him but I found out from mum that she sleeps with his business card underneath her pillow! Next time I'm at mum's I'll check it out for you. I don't think there dating but who knows?

Oh awesome news, Lindie is paying twenty bucks to show some of my stuff at the gallery downtown, a couple of sketches and the man I made of clothes I found on the streets. So people will actually see my stuff.

Hazel's driving me a bit nuts lately. Cry, cry, cry!!! Over and over about nothing! Okay not nothing about dumb stuff like not getting the red cup or stepping on her own crayons. Lindie says it's just starting to sink in that she's not the only kid in the house. Whatever.

Yours ,


P.S.  I have enclosed a picture of a Voodoo doll and a cat on a merry-go-around

The End

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