Hey, Chels! How's life?

Hey Chels! How's life? I'm living it up down here in the big apple. Uncle Dennis and Sylvia have a nice apartment with a great view of the city, which is massive. Picture hundreds of buildings each hundreds of stories high. It's incredible!

I guess Chrisy and I were never right for eachother anyway. I met this new girl, Jemima, who's father owns the bar I work at. We've been on a few dates and I brought her home a couple nights ago to meet Uncle Dennis. Callie, Sylvia's girlfriend, was there too and she cooked dinner. She's an amazing singer and dancer, and really sweet and easy to talk to. I like her a lot.

Will you tell Ellen that I talked to Jemima, and she said that she had been left at the alter a couple years ago by a wealthy forigner who had only wanted to marry her so he wouldn't be deported, but had changed his mind when he found out that she was the daughter of a bar owner. Ever since then, she's been a little depressed. I can't blame her. She still lives with her parents, but she's been wanting to get an apartment of her own for a while. So do I, actually. Maybe we could live together. That's very common in America, for unmarried couples to live together.

Lots of love and affection,


The End

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