Dear Ellen: About Jemima

Dear Ellen,

The bar I work at is really crummy and dirty, but it's still one of the most popular in the area. It was full all night. I found out why: it's because of Jemima. She can dance like a goddess and sing like an angel. At one point she was dancing on the table. All the men were rip roaring drunk, and they loved her. She is quite a star, and very sweet too. I asked her to lunch tomorrow, and she said yes.

Glad to hear that Chelsea seems to be getting along okay with Dad, Lindie, and Hazel. I think things may work out all right for them. As for you, I was wondering if you knew where you were going to college yet. I never told you yet, but I have some money saved up--a few thousand pounds--that I never used because I dropped out after...well, after the issue with Tyler. I want you to have it.

Say hi to Mom and Chelsea for me!



The End

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