Frances, I met Lindie

Dear Frances,

I'm taking all my meds even though they give me such bad head aches and make me  so queasy. It's easy for you to say just take them, you have no idea how hard it actually is. It's hard decide it's it actually worth it especially since the meds don't silence the voices they just gag them and all I hear is their moaning.

I met Lindie yesturday she's nice. A little whiny but nice. Dad is seriously whipped. He does whatever she says. Unfortunately Hazel is just like her mother whiny. It's like whiny squared when there together. There making me a room in there basement, It's big but there was no windows. So I made some, Lindie wasn't too happy about that but it needed to be done. I can't live in a dungeon.

I read your letter, it sounds like your having a great time. Does that make you feel guilty?


P.S. I have enclosed a picture of a fairy killing a dragon

The End

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