To Ellen from America

Dear Ellen,

Guess what! I am in New York with Uncle Dennis and Cousin Sylvia. They gave me a room in their apartment, which is huge! The whole city is huge! The building they live in is sixty floors high, and they live on the 57th floor. The view is amazing.

I leave for work in a few hours. I work all night, from 8;00 pm to 3:00 am. The city never sleeps. I already met Ollie, my co-bartender, and he showed me around the place. It's really slummy.

I also met Jemima. Her father owns the bar, but she's in charge of running it. She's 23 with thick black hair and glittery blue eyes; actually, she's really beautiful. She gave me a free "welcome" drink.

Well, I'm going with Sylvia to visit Central Park. Did you know Sylvia has a girlfriend? Her name is Callie. She's nice enough.

With love,


The End

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