Frances, quit your whining

Frances, I use to think you wanted me to go live with dad because it was what was what you thought was best for me. But I guess we embrass you cause were all a bunch of crazies including Ellen. I deal with your b*****. Why can't you work with us? I'm taking my meds now. I won't be so difficult. Mom is taking hers so she can be a good role model and s****.

Ellen says you are sad because Chrisy doesn't love you. Maybe she didn't want to be forced to change either.

I kind of get why you'd want a fresh start in America. Pretend like you have no past. But even there things don't go perfectly right.

If your going anywhere I think you should go to New Zealand it's warm there and they have penguins.

Yours, Chelsea

P.S. I have enclosed a picture of a sea shell turning into a grenade

The End

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