Dear Frances, I'm sorry

Dear Frances,

I'm so glad you've written to me again. I was afraid the last time I stepped over the line. I'm sorry if I did. It's just hard to see friends you've had all your life not get along. But if you don't wish to speak to Tyler I'll respect that, even though I don't want to I will.

I don't know if I should tell you this or not...Chelsea wrote me a letter, she sounds insane out of sorts. She was talking about everyone being against her and You versus her. And she said the doctors are put a microchip in her arm so they could track her...I told her that taking her meds would help, that seeing things were part of her condition. Taking her pills would have to be just another thing she would do to keep herself in good health. She hasn't responded yet.

Yours Girl  Friend Chrisy,

P.S. Tell Chelsea I enjoyed her picture of the venus fly trap

The End

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