Dear Frances, Chelsea insists...

Dear Frances,

Chelsea insists that I write to you even though you are sitting right next to me. This is getting ridiculous. I'm tired of all this shunning. Mom is getting really upset about it. I don't know really what we should do. I definitely know what we shouldn't do. We both need to stand firm Chelsea can not live alone, not until her schizoprenia is under control. I think what Chelsea is really aftaid of is being shipped off to a home one day just like mom.

I know I'm repeating myself but I really think that she needs to be indepent. I think if she realizes she controls her life not genetics or where she came from, I really think things could improve. They certainly couldn't get worse, haha, that was a joke.

I don't want Chelsea staying with dad unless we know for sure things have changed. I know you think I'm to young to remember but I do. It's hazy in some places in my memory, the parts that are crystal clear ache. You know better than anyone else, why I am saying this. I want to make sure what happened to us never happens to Chelsea. We need to be in frequient contact with Chelsea if she is going to live with dad. if we can't sort everything out I could take a year off and say with Dad too.Show Chelsea it's not as tragic as shes making it. I just want a solution that we can all live with. We don't all have too be happy about it but at least we could live with it.



The End

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