Sighs, Dear Frances

Dear Frances

I am going to Fedex this and any other information too you. I know it is hard to get a flight at this time of year, so don't worry about it. Just get a cell phone for gods sake! It's not like can't afford one. I'm sorry I am being a tade rude things are complicated right now. Chelsea is going to pull through just barely. The doctors have formly diagnosed her as Schizophrinic. The police think she stabbed her own self, that she was over welmed by the voices in her head like Van Gough was.

Physically Chelsea is doing fine. She was depressed before the she seems like an empty vessel. The doctor has her on some anti depressants. They are a little pricey...and I hate to ask you this  but I need your help paying for this as well as therapy. You should have your own life and things away from us. I know I would want that. But we need this from you. I know you always say yes and that's what always makes me feel guilty.

Mum  and I put on a tiny tree in Chelsea's room. We also sit with her and watch endless christmas specials, mums idea. Mum is an inspiration she refuses to se this as a challenge. She sees this as an opportunity for Chelsea to grow as a person and she refuses to let this ruin our christmas. I only wish Chelsea felt the same way. She isn't talking much and when she does I know she is just saying what she thinks mum wants to hear.

Yours Always, Ellen

The End

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