Goodbye, Frances

Dear Frances,

Today was terrible. I was at my locker after lunch today when Janice Hooper and her snobby gang came up to me. They laughed at my clothes that Ellen used to wear and called them old-fashioned and stupid, and said that I was the only girl in school with no friends and a loony-bird mother. I know what you said about controlling my temper, but that was just too much. It was like the last drop of water that had finally made the glass overflow.

So anyway, I grabbed Janice and shoved her into the wall and then started kicking her. All I remember is her crying, and blood, and the men coming to drag me away. I was expelled from school, and Janice wasn't punished at all. Ellen was furious with me, and yelled that I had disgraced the family and that I could never go to college now, and I would have to take care of Mother forever.

I hate my life. I wish I'd never even been born. I've decided to run away. I don't know where I'm going and I don't care, as long as they feel sorry that they made me go. Maybe I'll die on the streets and they'll find my body and feel sorry for what they've done, but it will be too late!

You were the only person that ever really cared about me, and you left me. So why should I stay where I'm not wanted?

Goodbye forever,


The End

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