Hello Chrisy

Hello Chrisy,

Yes, I'm living quite near you, it seems. We should definitely meet up some time.

I'm actually on a world tour right now; I'm trying to spend six months in eleven different countries. It'll take me five and a half years! But you know how I've always wanted to travel the world. I can't believe how I didn't look you up when I got to Kilkenny, I should have guessed you'd never leave Wilburn!

I have so much to talk to you about, and I can't wait to see Buddy! I want to tell you about my sisters, too. I know how fond of them you were. Actually, Chelsea is 14 and Ellen will be 18 in two months--boy, they've grown up so fast!

I don't have a phone right now, but if you give me your number I'll definitely give you a ring on the pay phone outside the grocery store.

Your friend,

Frances (aka Franky)

The End

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