Dear Frances Francolini

Dear Frances Francolini,

        Gosh I hope this gets to you Frances. I sent it to your mom originally, because I don't really know where you are, but let's hope she sent it on.

        It's Chrisy by the way. Remember me? I hope you do . . . it's kind of hard to explain how we knew each other.

         Anyways, how's everything? I was going through our old yearbooks when I saw a picture of you, it was so funny! You were in 10th grade! Glee club was fun then wasn't it?

          Buddy's still doing ok. We signed him up for obedience classes, and he's finally stopped eating the drywall.

          We kind of lost touch after highschool. Truthfully, I miss you Frances. Maybe we can meet up sometime? I'd really like that.

Hope all is well,

Chrisy Samuels

The End

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