Hello Frances!

Hello Frances!

Things are good here in La La Land!  Mum is taking her meds regularly. But god knows how long that will last. They give her such bad head aches. I got her one of those heating bags, they sell on tv. It seems o be working fairly well.

Chelsea is still causing a bit of trouble at school. Nothing to worry about though. If she just learned to shut her mouth things would be so much better for her. She seems to have decieded she is much better than anyone else around here. But again nothing to worry about.

I'm doing well too. Only one year left yeah! I don't want to say I'm counting the days but I am! God I hate high school...I can't wait to get out of here and spent some time with some grownups for a change.

Well, lets see I think that's all the news. I've enclosed new pictures of us. You can see the sneer Chelsea seems to have adopted. I keep telling her, her face will freeze that way but she doesn't   believe me. Maybe if she hears it from you she will actually take it to heart.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

P.S.  I'm sorry mum insisted she send you more cookies!

The End

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