My Dear Ellen

My Dear Ellen,

 Two nights ago, Frances took me to that fancy french restaurant we were making fun of on the phone, and I took your advice and wore my yellow silk dress and curled my hair, just like in that magazine cutout you sent me!

After we ate, he ordered a small sugar cake for dessert. I thought this was a little strange since neither of us have ever really liked cake, but oh Ellen, as I dug my fork in, there was a diamond ring mixed into the batter! Frances and I are getting married!

Of course you and Ant and Chelsea will all fly in to Viville for the wedding next spring (we decided to hold it there because of the adorable little chapel that I've always wanted to be married in). Chelsea seems to be doing better, except for her usual antics. Frances and I are taking her to an amusement park for the day. She seems happy to see us, and to hear our news! I look forward to calling myself your sister, and hers too.

Lots of love,


The End

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