Sorry Frances...

Dear Frances,

I want to tell you this from my point of view.  I'm not in trouble but the head nurse isn't to pleased with me. and Alison.  We're sort of dating. It was natural we had the same classes and shower laundry days. I talked to her more than the other b**** girls. She likes to clean and I like to make messes. I eat her food sometimes so the nurses don't know she's fasting. She says she will stop  fasting when everything makes sense again.

But thats not why we got in trouble.  I told the art teacher you'd pay for the paints beacuse you're cool like that.  It didn't stain so I don't get what the big deal was. Alison made a wonderful canvas. They should have knocked first. It not like either one of us is going to get knocked up.

The counsellor asked me if I thought this whole dating thing through. I did. I mean I'm not gay or anything. I got enough problems. I just like her aura. It's like an ink blot except not messy or runny. She's just perfect and weird like me. I don't care if it doesnt go anywhere, I just want to be.

The school wants you to cough up money for a private room or something. No doubt they already called or wrote to you. Your probably already read it. Please don't be mad at me. Your all I have. Ellen never writes. Even if she did she'd just judge me. Give me some pat answer about not knowing what I want. I know what I want. I've always known what I've wanted. I just never seem to be able to get it. But this is no pity party. I accept my punishment and I hope your not too mad when the hospital finds out I sneak into Alison's room everytime they change shift.

Other than that I've been golden. My grades have stayed well average but that's good right. I take my meds and actually drink water afterwards, no pop or...whatever. My hairs slowly growing back. No more dreads though Alison doesn't like them.

Love, Chelsea

The End

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