Dear DiaryMature

Dear Diary,

We are transporting the Talisman to the Temple today, Kayne and I. The Talisman is a small, heart-shaped crystal, and is very beautiful. The carriage is reinforced, in case of an attack, and we have guards with us, in case of a raid. So, yes, this Talisman is a big deal. It gives the holder unimaginable abilities. On the way here, Kayne cut his arm, and when I touched it, it healed. Well, we are almost to the temple, so I shall put you away now.

Goodbye for now Diary,

Emily Duvaine :)


Before they could reach the temple, however, a caravan passing the other way collided with theirs. Kayne held Emily and tried to shield her and her swollen stomach from the explosion, but he couldn’t save her from the Talisman.

            The Talisman, as magical as it was, couldn’t be destroyed. It had its own safety to provide. It slowly became liquid on the chain that held it, and sunk deep into Emily’s chest, providing itself protection, and granting Emily’s next of kin special abilities. Unfortunately, because of where the crystal sunk into her body, Emily died.

            Kayne pulled her out of the wreckage and off to the side of the woods where the crash was, and cried when he realized what had happened.

            “Why? Why!? WHY?” He picked up Emily’s body and walked through the forest until he reached a small lake in the middle. He left her body and walked towards the lake, hand in his pocket. When he was standing in the lake, he pulled out a small diamond ring.

            “Why did you take her from me, you stupid crystal!? Why? Fuck you!”

            He pulled his arm back, and threw the ring as far into the lake as he could. He made his way back to Emily’s body and collapsed to his knees, blinded by his tears.

            When the caravan was repaired, that’s where they found him with the body of his love.

            Suddenly, Kayne heard a voice that didn’t belong to anyone around him.

            Her kin will have a birthmark... Where the crystal buried deep... Find her next of kin... Before He finds her...

            They were able to save her unborn child by cutting it free of its mother’s flesh, and that is how Emilee was born, with a small, heart-shaped birthmark under her collarbone.

The End

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