A new comfort zoneMature

Dear Angie,

I went to a party last night.

I go to tons, and, because they're high school parties, and only the people at Lincoln High go to them, they always end like...well..you'll see.  Anyway, my parents didn't really give a crap because they thought I was at the library.

I met Trey at a gas station that's walking distance from my house.  He was going to drive me to his house from there, where the party was.  I walked over there as planned, and he picked me up and 'greeted' me as planned.  Only this time I actually felt it.  He got out of his car, picked me up, and kissed me for what seemed like ages before plopping me into the car.  I had a feeling this party was going to be..different.

We got there when we got there, and there were already like sixty people there.  Obviously about half of them were drunk.  There was confettie and barf and the smell of illegal drugs in the air.  Home sweet home.

I had a few beers, like I always do.  Being a senior I could do whatever I wanted in Lincoln High student rules, so I barfed a few times, took a few mints, and moved on to the slap happy stage of my drunkeness.

I danced for a while, then got bored of that and went to go find Trey.  He wasn't in the living room like I thought he was, and he wasn't in the bathroom or any of the bedrooms.  I checked out back and didn't see him.  On my way back inside I suddenly felt strong arms lift me up and throw me into the pool.  It was Trey.  I wasn't prepared for this so I hit fully clothed on my back.  I climed out shivering into his warm arms.  Suddenly I realized...I was touching bare chest.  I looked down.  Thankfully, he was wearing swim trunks..but he was sopping wet and shivering, just like me.

'Hey, babe,' he said.  Judging by his slurred words, he was very drunk.  I knew this routine, so I let him smack me around a bit, then apologize and kiss me.

'Let's get back inside, Trey, I'm soaked,' I said.  It was true.

'aight.'  We walked inside and rejoined the party.  There was an empy space on the couch so I sat down, worn out from the nights events.  But I still had about 15 minutes before I had to leave.  I thought I could probalby clear my head before heading home, so I tried.

Just as I had cleared my head, Trey sat down next to me.

'Meet me at the park tomorrow night,' he said, then walked me out and drove me home.

The End

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