What they're hidingMature

Dear Angie,

School today sucked.  I knew it would, so I'm not too sad.  But I put a smile on my face for others.  Lunch was the worst though.  I was sitting with my usual 'group' that actually hate me.  The conversation went something like this:

Sat down at the table.

me: hey girls.  *smile* and guys.

my boyfriend Trey: hey sweetheart. *kisses me* aren't you mighty beautiful today. *grabbed my leg, tongue to tongue, the usual greeting*

susie: hey everyone. *slap happy smile*

sarah: hello.

susie boyfriend Rob: hey beautiful. *kisses susie*

sarah boyfriend Clark: hey ladies. *puts arm around sarah and kisses her*

This is the usual greeting for lunch.  I'm used to it, and I know that what they're really saying is:

me: hey girls. and guys

trey: hey ugly *uses me to be momentarily high*

susie: hate you all, but I still have to act like I like you.

rob: I agree with susie because...well..she's hot.

sarah: why do I even hang out with you fatty's?

clark: I want sarah alone.

It pains me to hear this every time I take part of the greeting.  The thing about our group is that we all hate each other, ourselves, and the rest of the world, but we act the exact opposite.  Oh, and we've got the whole school wrapped around our fingers.

But why do we act like this?

The End

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