Dear Diary

This is literally my Protagonize diary. Boring, I know. I don't care to be honest ^.^

Monday 11th October 2010, 16:35pm

Dear Diary,

Today was not fun. Obviously, school was as tedious as ever, but that was normal. What was not normal was that everyone seemed to be staring at me hatefully. I decided to ignore it, though and went on with my lessons.

My first lesson was a double of Media Studies with Mr IDon’tHaveAnyManners’ Hollo. I’ve shortened his name because I really can’t be bothered to finish it. It’s a very long name. I was quiet as usual- and I did my work like a good little boy. It was an alright lesson, as usual. I got to write a character bio on someone who I think would buy the magazine that I am making for that lesson. I love writing, and I was the best in my class at doing that. I also love Art, which was good, because we also got to draw a picture of that character. I named him something like Nate.

After that, I had break. I was very hungry at that time, which was weird because usually my diabetes makes my blood-sugar levels go high at that time, which makes me feel sick at the thought of food. So, I decided to go to get something to eat, but then I remembered that my stupid school seemed to think that it was smart to have a limit on the amount of money you can spend each day without telling us. I tried to buy an iced bun, a sandwich for lunch later on, and an Orange Juice. But, because I already and found out about the limit before, I then came to find that I only had sixty pence left on my Oyster card, which is how you pay for food at my school. So, I couldn’t buy anything.

Luckily, I had the solution. A twenty pound check to put on my Oyster Card. I went up to the Finance Office and put the money on my Oyster, and bought the drink and the sandwich, because I couldn’t buy the iced bun because of the limit. I bought myself a cheese and tomato sandwich and tried to stuff it in my bag. I took a swig of the juice, realising they’d given me Pineapple instead of Orange, and put it in my pocket. Pineapple was nice anyway, so I didn’t mind too much.

I went to my next lesson which was Spanish. I hated no, detested- Spanish so much! It was a good thing that I got to leave five minutes into the lesson for my piano lesson which lasted for the rest of the lesson. I learnt a new song which I should be practising now, but Protagonize is obviously much more important than school, right? Naw, I’m joking; I’ve practised already. Plus I still have a lot of time anyway.

My next lesson was Math, which I’d hated since year seven, but I don’t really mind now. I have a nice teacher. Still, it was a pretty boring lesson, though. I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know about B.I.D.M.A.S/B.O.D.M.A.S or whatever you want to call it. Plus, I’m quite good at Algebra too, so I didn’t need to listen to that either. I still listened though. I don’t like getting told off.

After that I had lunch. I sat with my friendlet’s call him Anúi (there’s not really an accent on his name; I just put that there to disguise his real name which is completely different from Anúl). I ate my cheese and tomato sandwich whilst listening to Linkin Park, and then eventually Charice Ft IYAZ’s Pyramid. Lunch was pretty boring as well.

Registration was after that, but there’s nothing to say about that. I sat down and said nothing; there’s your summary. After Registration, we had P.E., but I’d hurt my foot, so I didn’t need to do that. Instead, I listened to some Paramore whilst reading a book, and pondering on what to do after school (finally, I decided to do this. How productive!).

I didn’t have to get changed, but I did have to wait for everyone else to get changed so that we could leave at 3:00pm. Everyone rushed out at that time. My sister and I had to walk home, and it was so horrible because of the bad foot.

Now, here I am, writing this. Nothing much more to say now

See ya’ll!


-- 1JamesSummer (Dane)

The End

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