Dear Diary

Dear diary,

We finally arrived in Galveston after traveling for hours in the car. When we arrived at the hotel I found brochures with places to visit and landmarks also events that happened here. But mom told me and my brother Matthew we have to hurry up and get our bags to put them on the luggage carrier. After she yelled at us for not hurrying up I couldn't keep my eyes away from the brochure. At the moment what was going through my head was does the woman who birthed me ever think about not yelling? Anyway the brochure was about local storms that affected Galveston and made it what it is today. The one thing that actually that didn't bore me was “Tropical Storm Allison”. That storm even sounded sassy. I couldn't help but take it with me and put it in my back pocket. So now all of our things are on the career and mom is still nagging about how dad could have taken the shorter way because the storm that we past we could have just skipped it. Happy it wasn’t anything too severe just some heavy rain. In the meantime Matthew was complaining about the fact we can't do anything without our parents with us but yet there asleep. So i did some research on the tropical storm on my phone which barely got any service.  According to the trusty wikipedia it said In the year of 2001 located in Southeastern Texas there was a tropical storm named, Allison.

Then i found out that that today is the anniversary of when it began mst have been a heck of a time for a lot of people around here. But of course it was 2001 I was three anyways so it doesn't matter that much. The crazy thing that it did matter because I literally learned about natural disasters. One thing I fore sure know that it takes a pretty good force for a tropical storm to elevate to a hurricane. Even though hurricanes have five levels that they are measured by wind speed. Meanwhile the storm outside was getting stronger. I started to get a little worried, what is the storm ended up to be a hurricane. I wasn't too sure what we were going to do if it was.

It was about an hour later, the storm was even bigger. I woke mom and dad up and told them that there was a bad storm the said it would be fine and went back to bed, I was furious. It was like they did even care, maybe they don’t care if we died. Right after that thought went through my head my phone started going off from a weather alert. Guess I was right. It was a tropical storm.

Mom and dad got up right away. We were in a hotel room so we couldn’t do much about it. Mom called the lobby and asked if there was a safe place we could go in the hotel. I’m guessing they said no because mom said get everything out of the restroom that could hurt us. Dad raped us up in blankets and told us to get in the bathtub. My phone kept going off so I thourgh it across the room (wasn’t the best decision of my life), mom and dad didn’t say anything they just looked at each other.

The walls were shaking and you could hear the thunder and lightning. All the sudden it all stopped. I was shocked because it was going on for 5 hours or so, I couldn’t tell. Dad looked on his phone and the alerts had stooped. We got up and looked outside. There was a flood, about 3 or 4 feet high. No one seemed dead. I did some research on my very broken phone and there was no record if anyone was dead (I told myself there wasn’t). That was a very interesting experience. I learned that life is very precious and we should live while we can.

The End

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