Dear Daddy

'Dear Daddy' is about a girl who get's taken from her home and while her family frantically search for her, their hope is kept alive by a constant stream of letters that begin to arrive, each one beginning in her familiar neat handwriting with the words 'Dear Daddy.'

Dear Daddy,

Don't worry, I'm still alive and they haven't hurt me yet. I know you must be frantic. I remember your face as they dragged me away. Horror, shock, and then everything went black.

I guess that was about the time they put the bag over my head.......


Killian Briar is one of the most powerful men in the world and he is only 47. He married his childhood sweetheart, actress Jessica Price, when they were both nineteen. They lived in the north of Spain with their three children, Michelle (almost 17), Luke (13) and Holly (8). Sadly, Jessica died in a traffic accident in 2003 and Killian tries his best to raise the children alone with the help of friends and family.

On the 4th of February 2007, Killian was relaxing in his house when the phone rang. He answered in his usual manner, a smile on his face as he looked out at the preparations for his daughter's 17th birthday party. The smile quickly faded as someone asked him a question that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

"How much do you love your family Mr.Briar?"

Then the phone went dead.

On February 5th, Killian sat talking with his sisters and several friends, listening to the sound of his daughter and her friends as they celebrated. He looked up in surprise when everything suddenly went quiet. And then the screams began.

The End

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