Dear Aunty StressMature

A story of a woman trapped in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere. She writes to her online agony aunt (Aunty Stress) regularly for advice - which she gets - and although it's not always easy to take, Laura has to start making decisions, but will she be able to let go of her past life experiences, so that she can get on with the rest of her life?

Dear Aunty Stress,

I've never wrote to anyone for advice before but I feel like I've nowhere else left to turn, my friends are all tired of listening to me and to be honest I'm tired of complaining myself. I am now 31 and I need to stop going around in circles and get on with my life. The story is that I am with my "fiance" since the age of 18. The first and only love that I have ever had. I have to say the early part of our relationship was great, we had lots of fun, I couldn't wait for his phone call each night and it was the first time I ever felt really close to someone - especially as I didn't have a good relationship with my mother.

The End

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