Dear April

Ok, so, hear me out! I'm not one for post-apocalyptic worlds, but, how about a world kind of like in "Left Behind" where people vanish and all that but it focuses on a couple who long broke up because he changed into a dick, but after a bit of time during the ever horrific drama they find each other again? Maybe not, seeing it on paper make me realise it doesn't sound terrific. 

Congratulations, you just put on a bed sheet on your own bed, all by yourself. You should be well proud!

'Well proud?' Ugh, this is all your fault, I'm catching your northern language! 

I have three dresses in my bag and I didn't bother to wear any of them! Oh, and sorry for pinning you down and sitting on you, well not really but its the sentiment that counts. 

On the train back home now, you know I'm going to keep using that foot hatred of yours. 

Hopefully I'll see you in the not too distant future. 

I accidentally pulled off some of the nail varnish you did for me, well it wasn't an accident, more of a nervous habit. 

My phone works just fine, despite that crack. Maybe that'll teach me not to run along a concrete path, with my fun in a hoodie pocket, in an attempt to make your crazy fluff ball run after me. 

The End

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