The Diary entries of uni student trying to make her way through life without conflicts with her mother, keeping her boyfriend, whilst handling the bizarre antics of her friends.

Dear April

Bet you thought I was joking when I said I'd address this to you! Right now you're being an antisocial bitch by spending your time snapping away. Anyway, you've just "awww'd" (is that even a word) at me for addressing this to you. We've agreed that this book is going to be used for stories, journalism and personal sorts.

Today is mine and Elliot's 3 months, I forgot. Oh well, we're off to a little cabin sort of place this week so I'll make it up to him. 

I can hear you chuckling with your parents about how I'm using the pen they got me to write in this. Hey, its a good pen!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I've decided to get El a chance to drive around in an Aston Martin DBS, cause he loves that car, for his birthday obviously. 

I know you're now talking about my mum and I cause you've hushed your voice, I should be a detective! My mum and I are just an interesting case. I regret telling you that she said you're common, despite her not having met you yet. 

The End

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