Dear 4chan

poem. nuff said

So recently I had this super epiphany and a lot of it doesn't have to do directly with the website 4chan, but I figured I'd write about it, since it is a huge issue on the internet nowadays. Recently a couple of my friends have been hit by /b/ and people who refer to themselves as Anonymous. The group Anonymous I actually am fine with, it's just the things people do and then add things like "oh, and btw I'm doing this as Anonymous." Anonymous actually have some good points and I'm fine with vigilante statements and protests, but when it comes to the harm of other people, you're contradicting yourselves. In saying you are against censorship and then censor others from youtube, well...that slightly contradicts itself, don't you think? I have much more to say, but feel free to comment. I'm interested in other people's views, although this might not even get read at all.

The End

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