Rayna is a half deamon who is heavily gaurding her heart. Then she meets James, a guarded man who rarely ever reveals himself, but he seems to open up to her and she is amazed at how much they are alike. Rayna then starts to fall for him. But it could get Rayna killed because in the Deamon world Deamon's (even half Deamons) cannot love humans no matter how alluring they seem

Rayna walked out of Reno's bar feeling good and a bit drunk. No surprise, she was drunk, she always felt better that way, it sometimes drowns out the constant blabering humans go on with and with being half Deamon she can control herself and still feel buzzed. It's as if her sub consious takes control, while she take a back seat. She started to pull her hair out of her eyes and shoving it into a messy bun. She pulled up her shirt and dusted off her jeans. Her heels were still looking brand new except for the blood stains at the bottom. Right now the alcohol was wearing off, she guessed she didn't have enough to keep her buzzed, and she needed quite a lot.

The End

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