The End: Part Two


Deadrick Blade gasped as his eyes shot open.

He struggled to breath for a moment, glancing this way and that in the darkness that surrounded him.

“What the…” He stuttered.

   “Oh good, you’re awake,” The voice came out of the darkness.

Deadrick pushed himself up and turned quickly to where the voice had come from. Standing in the far corner of the room was a man wearing long white robes that seemed to glitter in the light of the torch he was holding.

His face, clean-shaven with a perfect jaw line, was visible beneath his white hood, along with his long, bleached blonde hair.

“Who are you- where am I?” Deadrick growled.

The man stepped forward slightly, away from the stone wall he had been leaning against.

“My name is Sabriel Flaine, this your burial tomb- and I am here to tell you why the Gods have allowed you to live,”

The words echoed around Deadrick, who simply stared back at the man.

“Oh fantastic,” He growled.

The End

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