A Letter

Dear Deadrick,

It’s been almost a month since you died. Of course, you probably know that.

It started raining when we got home, they say that we were due a storm, but I know different.

It’s rained all day, every day. And I know its you, because I can hear you on the wind, and in the soil. Whispering.

I didn’t talk for days after you left, we stayed at the Halara’s palace until everything could be fixed.

The Halara led an entourage to the city, carrying your body. When they arrived, they found that everyone that Juhra had taken control of was alive. Streylen’s long lost son, Gaber replaced Venerde.

He dubbed you a hero, and you were given a tomb at the very centre of the City.

Danyel went back home, but they wouldn’t reinstate his position. I haven’t heard from him in a while.

Bruad and his pack were granted residence in Rillwynn, away from their darker brethren.

He’s visited me once. He said the packs were mourning over the ones that were lost in battle. It was nothing near the number of Unholy that they killed, but he explained that they felt every death.

He said he was sorry that he had to shoot you; I told him that you would have forgiven him, and I told him I never would.

Nothings the same anymore, before I met you I thought I had my life worked out. Get paid to kill and steal, live happily ever after on my own.

Then you came along and we did all of that- I should be happy that the Clan redeemed me… but I can’t go back- not now.

At your funeral, the Halara gave you a piece of the great tree, he said it would guide you. At first I wouldn’t accept you were dead, it took me almost a week to realise that maybe the rain wasn’t a signal that you were okay, but a sign that you had gone.

I kept your hat, if you want it, come and get it.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this letter. Maybe I’ll send it. I don’t know where it’ll end up. Maybe it’ll go to the Northlands. Maybe your memory will guide it to the places we have yet to discover- or maybe it will end up in a huge sorting pile at Gaelwynd’s post office.

I kept the Windglider- I renamed it the ‘Memory of The Inquisitor’. I re-engineered it as well, so it can be flown solo. I’m writing this at the border to Granden Garde. I agreed to meet with Danyel and Bruad tomorrow.

I don’t know what we’re going to talk about, but I know we need to talk.

You changed my life, Deadrick Blade, and then you abandoned me.

And I’ll always remember what we accomplished, what we experienced. The good and the bad.

Thank you, damn you and remember that I’ll always love you, as a leader- and a friend.

Yours sincerely,



The End

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