The Awaiting Evil


The room was dark. The demon liked the dark.

Ever since he had been summoned, the demon had requested he be kept in the dark.

The room he now resided in had once had windows all around, but the newfound Unholy slaves had covered the panes of glass, and shut the door out to the balcony that overlooked the land.

The ones who had summoned him had placed him at the very top of his prison, where they used the pure Ecrid that flowed through the pylon to keep him contained.

But when the Unholy had come, they had tainted the channels so they empowered him.

But still, his physical chains, which bound his disgusting host to the tower, remained.

For weeks, he had absorbed the pure magic, and he had reached his peak. When he was powerful enough, he would change his host.

While he had been growing in power in that dark room, he had also been shepherding his desired host closer and closer to where he needed him to be. And now, he was close. So close.

For almost an hour, Juhra had felt the death below.

Each encounter the desired host had with his Unholy minions, they had been under strict orders only to kill his travelling companions, and to bind him so that Juhra could put his plan into motion to take the body.

Taking a new host was different to possessing a weak-minded body. It was permanent, constant and real. But the process was also more difficult; he could only take it if the desired mind willingly gave it up.

But, there was also another way. He was still not fully on the planes of reality, he could use his magic to force the desired to take its own life.

The consciousness would be condemned to the Underlands- but during the transfer of what the living would call, the soul, he could take the body.

This would be simple with any other being, but this one was special. Juhra had been drawn to him the moment he had been summoned- he could taste the Desireds immense power. He could taste its immortality.

The immortality came with a weakness. Juhra knew about the blade and the gun that he kept constantly on his person. These were the items that could harm him, these were the items that would kill him.

He was closer than ever now.


Believing he can to defeat the Demon.

But the Demon knows- he is wrong.

The End

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