Deadrick felt them before he saw them. There was the tingle in his spine, then there were the shadows in the trees.

Then more than two dozen pale-skinned, black-eyed, fang-mouthed Vampires surrounded them.

“Don’t move,” Deadrick whispered.

“Why? Its not like they haven’t already seen us,” Bruad said, almost nonchalantly.

One of the Vampires stepped forward. It was male, tall with milk-pale skin and ragged, black hair that seemed to have been thrown on.

He would have been handsome, had he not opened his lips, revealing a blackened, pointed tongue, surrounded by two rows sharp, needle like teeth. He hissed, his eyes glimmering a sinister green.

“You have come- just as the master said you would,” The Vampire said. Deadrick recognized him as the Vampire who had spoken to the Unholy gathering at the Altar all those days before.

“Well I wasn’t going to go down that easy,” Deadrick said coolly.

The Vampire smiled, revealing his hideous teeth again.

“I’m afraid your journey ends here, Inquisitor,”

Deadrick narrowed his eyes.

“Juhra needs me, he won’t let you kill me,” Deadrick said, Nerui looked at him oddly for a second.

The Vampire chuckled.

“We shall kill your friends and bind you, we shall then take you to the Master where he will do as he pleases with you,”

Deadrick’s lips flickered for a moment, before he removed his gun from its sheath and pointed it at the Vampire.

“I’d like to see you try,” He said slowly.

The Vampire hissed again, and dived into the air. He barreled easily over Deadrick and landed on the other side of him.

“How many of us can you kill?” The Vampire said. Deadrick’s heart sank.

They were surrounded by a large number of bloodthirsty Vampires- obviously being empowered two fold by their proximity to Juhra. Even if they couldn’t kill him, they could easily dispatch of Bruad, Nerui and Danyel.

Then he would be completely alone.

“My brethren,” The Vampire said, “Prepare to feed!”

The Vampires around them suddenly came to life, bearing their fangs, and beginning to slowly move closer to them.

Deadrick saw Bruad step forward, he heard him go rigid, pained sounds came from his mouth. He heard the small cry become a snarl, and watched as he became an eight foot, suddenly very vicious looking Werewolf.

The Vampire’s eyes went wide for a moment. It was well known that despite sharing being hated by the rest of the world, Vampires were scared of Werewolves. Mostly because of how efficiently they could kill them.

The Vampire’s face settled, and his calm demeanor returned.

“What can one big dog do?” He said.

He had barely finished the sentence when the surrounding trees suddenly became filled with the sound of yelps and howls.

Deadrick could only watch in awe as a massive shadow burst from the trees and fell onto the Vampire, tearing at him with long claws and big, sharp fangs- and this shadow was followed by tens more, until the small area was filled with snarling beasts tearing at the Vampires around them.

The tearing came to a slow stop, and the hulking figure that had first appeared turned and stood up.

Deadrick raised his gun at the beast, but Bruad pushed it down with a massive, furry hand.

“Pack leader?” He said slowly.

The huge Werewolf in front of them gave a small nod.

“Young one,” It said, “Inquisitor,”

“Skrule,” Deadrick replied.




“Pack leader,” Bruad said, “What are you doing here?”

Skrule wiped some of the Vampire blood from around his lips.

“As much as we dislike it, we are still tuned into the Ecrid channels,” He explained, “Through all the noise, we heard the Unholy here talking of the Inquisitor, and how much of a threat he was,”

This almost made Deadrick smile. He wanted them to be scared, he wanted them to be terrified of what he was going to do to them.

“There wasn’t enough information in the channels to find your exact location, but we knew that this is where the Great Demon was being summoned, so we tracked your scent from the border,” Skrule finished.

“Is the whole pack here?” Bruad asked, causing Deadrick to look around at the at least fifty strong group of Werewolves.

Skrule shook his head.

“It was a hard decision to make, and not all of the pack were in agreement,” Skrule explained, “Most of us are here,”

Deadrick looked again at the crowd- to Bruad, these creatures were distinguishable- maybe through the colors of their manes, or their scent. But to him, they were just a wall of animals.

“Deadrick, we are here to fight with you,” Skrule said slowly, as though it was a concept that Deadrick found hard to understand.

As much as he disliked the fact, Deadrick needed help. He needed every sword, gun and claw behind him, otherwise he would have no chance of defeating the evil that lay at the top of the tower.

He looked at Skrule once again, before adjusting his hat.

“Lets go to war,”

The End

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