The shadow watched the road, concealed within a group of gnarled, mutated trees. It seemed to pour from the mountains like a stone tongue from some huge, gaping mouth.

This would have been the most sensible entrance into the region to use, so he had scaled and traversed the spikes within a day, and planted himself right from where his targets would appear.           

When they finally appeared, he observed them- planning how he would dispatch of them. They were armed, that much was clear.

Only one of them was heavily armoured- and wore tarnished Gael armour.

Another, clearly the Lycan, wore loose clothes, made of linen mostly, should he not be provided enough time to transform, he would be not too difficult to deal with.

The only female of the group was Elven, clearly well armed- an assortment of lethal looking weapons strapped all over her body. But her armour was light, and mostly made of thin, dark leather- easily pierced by a sharp blade.

Finally he looked over the leader of the group- a tall, heavily built man who wore a long, black coat with many buckles. His face was partly concealed by a hat. He didn’t look particularly fast, or as strong as the Lycan- but there was something about him… something the observer couldn’t put his finger on. He would also have to be wary of the musket strapped at the traveler’s waist- and anything else he had stashed inside that coat of his.

The observer watched them as they relished being out of the confines of the road for a moment, and then ventured onwards to join the main road that ran around the Ecrid fields.

The observer did not doubt that they would set up a camp soon.

Then, he decided, he would make his attack.

The End

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