How To Kill An Invincible Man

The moments after Deadrick spoke were silent, void of any words. Then, Nerui snorted and burst into laughter.

Deadrick looked at her with expressionless eyes.

“Well that wasn’t the reaction I was expecting,” He said.

Nerui waved her hand, trying to stop the flood of laughter.

“Wait… wait!” She gasped.

Deadrick folded his arms and waited.

After almost a minute, Nerui stop cackling and looked at Deadrick.

“I would honestly like to see Juhra try to kill you- I really would,” She finally said. Deadrick saw the glint in her eyes- the one he had grown so accustomed to over the past few days.

He bit his lip for a moment, and then turned away.

“I’m being honest. Bruad told me what happened when you went after Venerde- when the possessed guard caught up with you. That injury- at least the way he described it- would have taken at least a day to heal even with the help of the greatest Elven healers. You healed in seconds,” Nerui was completely serious now.

Deadrick still didn’t look at her, but he was listening.

“And if you want me to be truly honest-“

“I don’t,”

“I don’t care. I’m going to be truly honest here, Deadrick. If any one is going to die tomorrow, its going to be me, the wolf, or the human. I’m fast, but stick a dagger in me and I’m spent. Bruad is strong, but he can be overwhelmed. I’m not even going to mention how vulnerable Danyel is- humans have been known to be notoriously squishy,” Deadrick wanted to get up, walk away. But he knew that Nerui was speaking sense- much to his dissatisfaction.

“Deadrick, in the time I’ve known you, I haven’t once seen you sleep. You eat as though it’s an unnecessary chore. And what the Halara said, he said that you met him after his inauguration. That was seven hundred years ago, Deadrick,”

They were looking at each other know, staring deep into one another. Nerui’s bright, piercing emerald eyes almost glittered in the sun. Deadrick’s eyes were the oddest of colour, muddy grey with specks of brown, black and silver.

“What are you, Deadrick Blade?” Nerui asked.

“What do you think I am, Nerui?”

There was a short, sharp pause.

“I think that you are an incredibly angry, apparently invincible man with no fear, pity, remorse or guilt with a serious superiority complex,” Nerui explained.

Deadrick grinned.

“And there we have it, Nerui. You’ve just answered your own question,”

Nerui blinked, but didn’t take her eyes off of Deadrick.

“And that’s your being in entirety?” She said.

“Yes, I suppose it is. More than seven hundred years on this planet and you described me in a sentence of just seventeen words,” There was something in Deadrick’s voice, something that Nerui couldn’t place. She considered stopping her probing, but decided that after coming so far she couldn’t stop without getting an answer.

“Two of those words were ‘apparently’ and ‘invincible’,”

“Were they?”

“Yes. Are they the truth?”

“Do you think that they’re the truth?” Deadrick said. He was avoiding the answer, Nerui decided. In one swift movement she unsheathed her blade and swiped it across Deadrick’s bare arm. He gasped as the skin split open and rich, red blood began to pour from the wound.

Nerui watched as he turned to her, his eyes blazing with shock and anger. But she kept looking at the wound. Deadrick’s eyes softened, and he looked at the gash as well.

Nerui wasn’t even surprised when the skin began to bubble, the blood flow stopped and the wound healed in the space of ten seconds.

“Does that answer your question?” Deadrick said quietly, and slowly.

Nerui nodded.

“I just have one more,” She said.

“Of course you do,”

Nerui took her eyes away from the quickly congealing blood on his arm.

“If you can do that, if you can’t die, where does the logic that you will die tomorrow come from?”

Deadrick couldn’t answer that, he didn’t want to. In his confrontation with the possessed Kenn, he had realized Juhra’s plan- what the demon planned to do. But he didn’t want to think about that.

“Deadrick- tell me what’s going to happen tomorrow. How do you kill an invincible man?”

Deadrick nodded his head slightly, then reached into the coat that sat by his side. He removed the serrated blade that, only days earlier had killed the Witch Morag Tagra.             Nerui watched the blade as it cut through the air, and continued through Deadrick’s flesh, cutting into the newly healed skin.

The wound was no deeper or longer than the one that Nerui had given him moments before, but it was in the same place, and this time, it stayed where it was. The skin didn’t bubble and heal, the blood continued to flow.

Nerui kept watching, and two minutes passed before Deadrick removed a bandage from his bag and stemmed the rush, wrapping the material clumsily around the wound- it had been a long time since he had last used a bandage.

“Why didn’t it heal?” Nerui asked, her mouth open slightly.

Deadrick laughed, a short sharp humorless laugh.

“Grenades, crossbows, maces- so many different weapons, and I own them all, but I will always have the same two weapons on me,” He held the scuffed blade up, then pulled his gun from its holster.

Nerui hadn’t seen the gun up close, the only time Deadrick had revealed it was when he was using it to murder advancing Unholy. It was obviously well made, with thick, shiny wood and metal, plated with gold.

“Be honored, Nerui, I’ve just told you how to kill me,”

Nerui still didn’t understand, she watched Deadrick closely.

“I don’t-“

“You don’t understand- I know, neither do I,” Deadrick told her, “What I do understand is that this gun, and this knife are the only two things in existence that can hurt me,”


“No more questions. We stop here, and if I live past what is going to happen soon- then I’ll tell you more,” Deadrick said, silencing Nerui, “But, if we’re done mutilating and probing me, then I’m going to go and rest. Oh, and one more thing,"

He reached into his pocket and removed an envelope. It had something inside, something heavy, that weighed the material down. He handed it to Nerui, who took it and looked at it with narrowed eyes. 

"If the worst happens, open it, if everything turns out to be sprinkles and fairy dust, give it back, understand?" Deadrick explained.

Nerui nodded, and Deadrick got up, and slid his coat back on. He dipped his head at her, sheathed his weapons and began to walk back to his room. He stopped before he reached his balcony and looked back at her.

“Nerui,” He said. Nerui turned to him, and he dipped his hat, “Thank you,”

Nerui smiled, and turned back to the moon in the sky.

The End

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