A Bad Idea


They found the Windglider as the sun was setting. Deadrick ran his hand along the side of it, feeling a warmness he only usually felt when he was at his cabin at the top of the Darkened Spine Mountains.

He climbed up the ladder and hopped onto the deck.

Nerui, Bruad and a now revitalized Danyel heaved themselves up and looked around.

“Good to be home, eh?” Nerui smiled.

“Nerui, stop slacking and get the flame on,” Deadrick barked.

Nerui couldn’t help smiling.

“Back to work, says the slave-driver,” She grinned.

The flame burst into life and Deadrick span the wheel. The Ghost of The Inquisitor groaned as the wood began to settle, and lifted into the air.

Their next stop was Gaelwynd. Once they had informed the Council of what was occurring in Nefern Dale, they would have the power to defeat Juhra, once and for all.




They flew at full speed through the night sky, with the fire burning brightly. Deadrick watched the ground below, apparently checking that Juhra hadn’t destroyed the world.

He hadn’t.

“Set it down over there!” He called to Bruad, who was manning the wheel, “In that clump of trees,”

Bruad nodded, and Danyel started turning the flame down.

Gaelwynd towered above them; Deadrick couldn’t help but be once again in awe.

The Windglider shuddered as it landed, and woke Nerui, who swung herself off of one of the hammocks in the sheltered sleeping area.

“Always makes you feel better, sleep does. You should try it once,” She told Deadrick with a smile. He ignored her and climbed down from the Windglider.

“So what’s the plan?” Danyel asked.

In the rush to get to Gaelwynd, Deadrick had forgotten to tell anybody else the plan he had been concocting in the confines of his head.

“Me- disguised by the Veil Stone- and Bruad will enter the city and-”

“And what?” Danyel cut in, “Just force your way into the Palace?”

Deadrick bit his lip and shrugged, he thought it had sounded like quite a fun plan.

“No, that won’t work. The palace will be heavily guarded. The guards around the palace will have protocol, no entry to the palace without an Imperial pass. They won’t even talk to you,”

Deadrick growled.

“So how do you propose we get in?” He asked.

Danyel wanted to smile- Deadrick actually needed him for something. He snapped out of it, professionalism returning.

“There is a passage that leads directly into the Kings- the Merchant Lords study. Its an escape route, but now the higher ranking officers use it when they need to talk to the King without alarming his staff,” Danyel explained.

“How come you know about it?” Deadrick asked.

“I was the Kings personal guard. I was required to know how to keep him safe at all times,”

“Except when there is demons about,” Deadrick snapped. Danyel narrowed his eyes at him, but Deadrick ignored him, “Where does the passage come out?”

“In a Pub,” Danyel told him, “In the Understreets- its called ‘The Rose and Dagger’, its run by a woman, Lalina,”

“So, me and Bruad find the tunnel, deal with the Landlady-”

“No!” Danyel exclaimed.

“Then what do you propose we do?” Deadrick demanded.

“There doesn’t need to be any killing involved. Do you not think that we’re in enough trouble?” Danyel snapped. Deadrick shrugged again, “If you have my amour, and the password you need to get through, you’ll be fine, no killing required,”

Deadrick rolled his eyes, but realized that Danyel was right. Their tactics would have to be passive, and quiet if they wanted any chance of getting near the Merchant Lord.

Deadrick nodded, and removed a long gun with a wide end from his coat.

“Is that a flare gun?” Nerui said, her mouth open, “What don’t you have in that coat?”

Deadrick slid the coat off and handed Bruad the flare gun, who slipped it into his pocket.

“Why, what do you need?” He said slyly, “If anything goes wrong, I’ll fire that into the air, and you come for us,”

Deadrick and Danyel climbed up onto the ship, and came back down a few moments later. Danyel had taken his armor off, and was wearing a brown sack shirt and a pair of trousers.

Deadrick wore Danyel’s gleaming amour, and as he stepped down, the changes of the Veil Stone became apparent.           

His hair was short, and jet-black, flicking up at the end. His stature had decreased slightly, allowing him to fit into the amour, and his face was near unrecognizable. The only thing that clued anybody in was the way he strode towards them, keeping his proud swagger.

“Wow,” Said Nerui.

Deadrick looked at her questioningly.

“What?” He asked. She shook her head dismissively.

“So, in summary, me and Bruad will go into the city, enter the tunnel and find the Merchant Lord,” Deadrick said. The others couldn’t help but feel that with the physical changes, he was somehow less authoritative.

“I still think that this is a bad idea,” Danyel said, leaning up the side of the ship.

Deadrick was aware of the risks.

“We only need a few seconds to get our point across, the only risk is getting Venerde to listen,” Bruad said.

Danyel bit his lip.

“And if he doesn’t?” He said quietly.

Deadrick sighed.

“Then we recoup, back where we started,” Deadrick replied.

That caused a ripple across the group. If Deadrick and Bruad couldn’t persuade Merchant Lord Venerde of how big of a threat Juhra was, they would have to face him alone.

They departed with Nerui and Danyel wishing them luck, heading towards the city.


The End

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