The canyon wall was a sheer drop down, aside from two short stops on small jutting rocks; it was all one long descent.

Deadrick's strength kept him firmly fixed to the wall, the knives buried deep inside the rock. Nerui was much lighter, and had no problem scaling the face twice as fast as Deadrick and Bruad.

Bruad was the heaviest, and had only his claws for support.

The abseil took about three hours, but with legs and arms like jelly and the dark drop always below them, it felt much, much longer.

As they got to a safe distance from the ground, not one of them bothering to finish the task, and instead opted to rip their supports from the wall, and fall to the damp, cold floor.

Bruad and Nerui lay on the floor panting for a moment, Bruad’s long pink tongue lolling from the side of his mouth. Deadrick climbed to his feet and gazed up. The white sky above them was just visible through the small line between the canyon lips.

“Never… again,” Bruad gasped, he began to shake and his Lycan features disappeared, his bold, chiseled looks returning.

Nerui pushed herself up and started to run unsteadily on her weak legs.

“We need to find Danyel,” She said quickly. Deadrick and Bruad followed after her.

They searched for a few minutes in the direction they had come on the cliff above, and they soon came across the huge corpse of the dragon, splayed out on its front. Danyel’s sword was firmly planted above and between it’s massive glazed eyes.

Nerui spotted Danyel lying a bit further up, slumped against the rocky wall. She ran over to him as Deadrick climbed up the dragon’s head and pulled the sword from its quickly hardening flesh.

He looked at the tip, dripping with thick, rich blood.

“Is he okay?” Bruad asked, kneeling next to Nerui, who was hunched over Danyel, checking his injuries.

“Yes… the niavaru must have thrown him against the wall. He’s got a bad gash on his head and might be out for a while, but… he’s fine,”

Deadrick slid down from the dragon and laid Danyel’s sword on the ground next to him, then looked around.

“One thing we didn’t consider in our rush to find this idiot…” He mumbled.

“What? Nerui asked, dabbing at Danyel’s head wound with a small piece of damp material that smelt strongly of medicine.

“How do we get back out?” Finished Deadrick.




Deadrick had left Nerui to treat Danyel, and began skirting the edges of the canyon. This canyon would have been filled with water years ago, and the Dwarves would have dug wells from above, down into the canyon itself.

If he could find a well, there was a chance they could find a way back to the surface- if he couldn’t they would have to traverse the canyon until it began to climb up towards the ground… if it ever did.

“Wait!” Bruad called, catching up with Deadrick.

Deadrick rolled his eyes. He had hoped to get some time away from the dog.

“Do you know a way out of here?” Bruad asked, trying to keep up with Deadrick’s brisk pace.

Deadrick gave a small mumble of ‘Possibly’ and kept walking.

“Well, I’ve followed you to the bottom of a canyon. Might as well keep following you until you find a way to get me out of here,”

“Nobody forced you to follow me,” Deadrick snapped.

Bruad cocked his head slightly.

“I can leave if you want me to, although, I think Nerui and Danyel may have something to say about that,” Bruad said.

Deadrick stopped in his tracks and turned sharply to glare and Bruad.

“Well then they can leave too,” He said coldly, “I’d rather have to do this by myself than have to do it with something like you at my back every step of the way,”

Bruad raised his head, but didn’t instigate anything.  Deadrick eyed him up. He was much bigger than him, but should the urge to kill arise, Deadrick could pull his weapons much faster than Bruad could do anything.

“I sense tension is arising between us, Deadrick,” Bruad said calmly. The corner of Deadrick’s lip flickered.

“There isn’t any tension,” Deadrick growled, “I just don’t like you,”

“May I have a reason as to why you dislike me?” Bruad asked, raising his eyebrow.

Deadrick narrowed his eyes for a minute, and then turned away from Bruad.

“No,” He said shortly, and strode away.

Bruad sighed and followed quickly after him.









The End

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