“No!” Nerui yelled, she ran to the edge of the ship and pushed her palm out. A flash of blue light erupted from it and thundered down the canyon after Danyel.

She fell against the side of the ship, panting.

“He’ll be… he’ll be okay,” She gasped.

Bruad knelt down next to her.

“Nerui… no creature could survive a fall like that… he-“

“No!” She told him, “I sent a niavaru after him,”

Bruad looked confused.

“An aircoiling spell?” Deadrick asked, squinting his eyes.

Nerui nodded, “I wasn’t going to let him die,”

Deadrick broke a smile; he made small noise of what sounded like joy, and ran to the wheel. Nerui climbed to her feet and ran over to him.

“Anyone would think you were happy that he wasn’t dead,” Nerui said, Deadrick shot a look at her, his eyebrows raised.

“I’m completely lost,” Bruad said.

“I saved him, we just need to get down to him quickly,” Nerui told him.

“But the balloon is too big… it’s too narrow down there. Even if we could get down to him, we’d never get back out again without damaging the ship,” Bruad told them.

“We’re not going down in the Windglider,” Deadrick told him.




‘You are joking, right?” Bruad said.

They were standing on the edge of the canyon, peering down into the darkness below.

“You said it yourself, wolf man, the ship won’t fit,” Nerui said.

“Yes, but what you just proposed is incredibly dangerous… and there's only a small chance he’s still alive-“

“No- he is alive. The niavaru is an aircoiling spell; it would have cushioned his fall,”

Bruad thought that sounded like a lot of nonsense. Werewolves were very grounded creatures, and went on the rule that if you fall, you go splat and you die. But he kept his mouth shut, she had hope, and he simply couldn’t bring himself to crush it.

“So then,” He said, “How do we get down?”

Deadrick reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of serrated knives.

“Back to my original point- you are joking?” Bruad asked, “You can’t be serious! Those blades will never hold your weight,”

“Worth a try,” Nerui said, removing a pair of thin knives and sitting down, her legs dangling over the dark abyss below.

“We don’t know how far it is down, and once we start there’s little chance of us being able to pull our weight back up,” Deadrick explained, getting into the same position as Nerui, “So once we start going down, there is no coming back up,”

Nerui nodded.

“I seriously doubt anything will come of this… but I suppose I promised to follow you,”

“You did, now wolf up!” Nerui told him.

Bruad sighed.

“Have you ever seen a Half Kin Lycan transform, Nerui?” Deadrick asked.

Nerui shook her head.

Before Deadrick could say anything else, Bruad started to convulse. He went as rigid as a board, his face pointed towards the sky, his arms were by his side, with his palms flat, and his fingers splayed out.

His mouth opened, a roar erupted from his throat, and his face began to change. Nis nose and his mouth joined, growing outwards, into a long snout. A pair of long, sharp canines grew from his gums, and his other teeth grew to needle sharp points.

He hunched forward, his shoulders beginning to expand.

His stature increased, covering more than two feet in a matter of seconds.

Deadrick resisted the instinctive urge to draw his gun and shoot the creature on sight.

Bruad shook his huge head, sending ripples down the mane that ran down his spine. The loose fitting clothes he wore as a human fitted his new frame tightly, leaving him with an ounce of humanity.

Nerui’s mouth was wide.

“It’s a disturbing thing to witness,” Deadrick told her.

Bruad apologized and swung his body over the canyon lip, digging his long claws into the rock.

“Ready?” Deadrick asked.

Nerui and Bruad gave a small nod of agreement, and they began to descend into the dark canyon.



The End

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