Deadrick ran out of the house and along the canyon edge, towards the Ghost Of The Inquisitor.

“A thanks would be nice!” Nerui called after him.

He threw himself up the ladder and onto the ship. Danyel came over to him.

“What happened?” He asked, Deadrick ignored him.

“Nerui,” He yelled, “Get the fire on, we need to move!”

Nerui didn’t question him. Something had happened in the house. She turned the flame up and the Windglider shuddered, lifting slightly of the ground. Deadrick was anxious; it was going to take too long to get away.

Bruad came over to him.

“Do you have what you came for?” he asked. Deadrick nodded, “Well, what’s the hurry? We’re going to have to rest before we risk going anywhere near the city,“

Deadrick span the rotor.

“Realm scarring!” Deadrick cried. The whole group looked at him with slanted eyebrows.

“What’s realm scarring?” Asked Bruad.

“When a demon possesses a host, they force a gap between the wall of the realm. If the host is killed, the demon is sucked back through, and that means that gap that they left will fall in on itself and-“ Deadrick was interrupted by a pop, and then a massive BOOM! Everyone looked back to see the air around Kenn’s house ripple, then explode outwards in a flash of empty black light.

The force of the blast rippled out across the sky like invisible waves, sending the Windglider barrelling forward. The ship rocked back and forth on the rope.

Everyone had hit the deck as the explosion washed across the ship, and Deadrick got to his feet at looked back.

A chunk of the canyon lip had broken away, and fallen into the darkness below. Where Kenn’s house had sat, there was a huge gash in the middle of the air. It tore through the sky, leading away to a shimmering world of dark stars that seemed to burn the retinas if looked upon.

“What the…” Danyel mumbled.

Deadrick’s spine began to tingle. Realm scars usually fade after a few seconds, but Juhra had been corrupting Kenn for a long time, and it was a very big gap. The scar itself led to a different realm, where unpredictable, unimaginable creatures resided. It needed to close before anything could pass through.

Deadrick watched the tear intently for a few seconds, and his heart began to relax as the edges began to move towards each other. He had turned back towards the wheel when he heard a horrific roar.

He turned to see something fly through the gap, a long necked beast with an even longer tail, and black wings that seemed to fill the sky.

It was a dragon, and a big one- longer and wider than the Windglider. But it wasn’t just a dragon, it was a condemned dragon. The dragons themselves hid away in the far island of K’Thal, hiding away from the world. If one within their own ranks disobeyed them, they were condemned- set into the empty realms between the worlds.

And Deadrick had just set it free.

It’s tail just came free as the gap sealed itself.

It sped towards to Windglider, flapping it’s huge scaly wings, a roar erupting from its long, tooth filled snout.

The Windglider wasn’t fast enough; it came to the side of them and banked into the balloon. The whole ship shuddered and they fell to the deck.

“Deadrick!” Nerui yelled.

Deadrick glanced over the edge of the ship, the dragon banked again and dipped underneath the ship, flicking it’s tail in the air. Deadrick opened his mouth, on the end of the tail, the dragon a long metal claw. It was melded to the skin- if it got anywhere near the balloon, it would tear the material and send them barrelling into the canyon below.

“Danyel!” Deadrick yelled, “Get the fire! We need to pull up!”

Danyel cried back in some sort of agreement, and climbed to his feet. Deadrick grabbed onto the wheel and inverted it downwards as he heard the fire burst. The rotor pointed downwards and the Windglider climbed.

But the dragon followed them and arched over the balloon, taking another swing at it with it’s razor sharp tail.

It flew level with the ship, it’s wings too close for comfort.

Danyel got to his feet, trying to balance as the Windglider cut through the air at speeds he had never experienced.

He heard a few pops as Deadrick shot at the huge behemoth, but the bullets buried themselves into the dragon’s skin without even making itself flinch.

Danyel thought for a moment, then, without warning ran towards the edge of the ship and dived off, yelling.

He left the cries of Deadrick and the others behind, and landed on the back of the dragons back, rolling and barely managing to stay on. The dragon roared and tried to throw him off by twisting its body sharply.

Danyel held on for dear life, and the moment the dragon levelled out, he threw himself up and drew his sword. He swivelled round and brought it down in an arc across the base of the tail. It cut through the flesh like butter, making the beast roar in pain.

It banked and Danyel tried to hold on as it span violently through the air. As it began to climb towards the Windglider again, he put all his energy in his hands and feet and dragged himself across the body of the dragon. He pulled himself with every ounce of courage, strength and bravery up it’s neck, and yelled, bringing his sword down once again, burying it in the beasts head.

The dragon became a dead weight, it’s wings stopped flapping and it began to fall into the canyon below, taking Danyel with it.


The End

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