A Chance


“We have to do something,” Deadrick said.

After their meeting with Naluitha, Deadrick had led the group to the edge of the camp.

“You have an idea?” Danyel asked.

Deadrick shook his head, “No, but I know we need to inform the Council,”

The group exchanged glances.

“Do I need to remind you that we are on the run from the council?” Nerui said, “Besides- the King is dead,”

“The Merchant Lord- Venerde would have taken over the King’s duties,” Danyel told them.

“Then, we need to get to him?” Nerui asked.

Deadrick nodded. That was what they had to do next; the Council would have to be told.

“But, if we try to get near the city we’ll be killed on sight,” Nerui said coolly.

“What about me?” Bruad hadn’t said much since they had left the forests, “I wasn’t with you when you were Implicated, I could get in,”

“Yes, but when we do get near this… Venerde, status will be needed for him to even listen to what we have to say,” Deadrick explained, “I’ll need to get in the city as well, but… not as me,”

The faces around him went wide.

“You mean-“ Nerui asked, with a disbelieving smile on her face.

Deadrick climbed to his feet.

“Yes,” He stated, “We need an Illuminist,”

The silence was short, but incredibly unnerving. Nobody said anything for a few moments, until Nerui climbed to her feet.

“But there aren’t any Illuminists!” She cried, trying to match Deadrick’s stature.

Illuminists were a type of mage; men who played with the way things existed. Made them look like other things. The art was highly illegal, and had been outlawed many years before because of how dangerous it could be. Any mage who refused to give up his art was jailed without trial.

Danyel sighed loudly.

“Yes…” He said quietly, “There are,”

He got to his feet as Deadrick narrowed his eyes at him.

“There is one left,” Danyel explained, “One Illuminist still alive and not in jail,”

The whole group looked at him in disbelief. The whole world knew that there weren’t any Illumists left. It was common knowledge; even Deadrick had doubted his own plan when he had said it out loud.

“Where- and how do you know?” Deadrick asked him.

“His name is Kenn,” Danyel told them quietly, making sure none of the Elves could overhear, “He was a friend of the King… when Illuminism was outlawed the King let him continue practising in secret- where he couldn’t hurt anybody,”

Deadrick was suddenly filled with a sense of elation. They had a chance. A small chance with a basically flawed plan, but it was still a plan.

“He lives in the Murdered Mountains,” Danyel finished.

Deadrick could have smiled; the Murdered Mountains were only a short travel northwards, on the Granden Garde border. They could be there by sunrise the next morning.

He grabbed his hat and placed it on his head.

“Nerui, thank your father for his help. We need to leave, we’re going to the Murdered Mountains immediately,”

The End

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