Deadrick was even more cold than usual as Bruad, Danyel and Nerui arrived at the Windglider.

“What if we’re spotted?” Danyel asked, referencing the Windglider.

Deadrick, in the midst of the chaos, had forgotten the whole reason they had been forced to hide in the clearing in the first place.

“We need to disguise it,” Nerui decided.

“How?” Danyel asked.

Nerui looked around the clearing for a moment, wandered to the edge and pulled a leaf from a branch. She wiped it on her palm, and smiled as it left a thick trail of green goo on her hand.

She turned back to the Windglider and smiled.

“With this,” She smiled.


For the next few hours, all four of them worked hard at grinding the leaves that Nerui had found into a pale green paste. Bruad had gone into the trees to find sticks, and came back with a handful of thick long branches that looked freshly torn.

Deadrick and Nerui used their knives to thinly splay the ends of the branches, then dipped them into the ground up leaves, and began covering the balloon with random decoration.

After another hour they stood back and looked at the newly disguised Windglider. The balloon had been almost completely covered in the paint like substance. Danyel had beheaded the dragonhead at the front, and Deadrick had quickly but skilfully reshaped the wooden nub with his blade.

Then Nerui had carved ‘The Ghost of The Inquisitor’ at the front, and filled it with the congealed leaf paste.

“Well that’s inconspicuous, Nerui,” Danyel said.

“It’s fine!” Nerui exclaimed, “They’ll be looking out for three major features, the dragon head, the colour and the name, we have completely covered each of these areas. It’s not like they can stop every air vehicle that goes past, can they?”

“The king is dead, Nerui,” Deadrick said, “The whole Mainland is under lockdown, they will do whatever they can. It’s not going to be an easy journey,”

Bruad spoke up for the first time, Deadrick looked like he was half listening.

“Yes, but journey to where?” He said.

The whole group exchanged looks.

“The Council know where I live. It is no kind of haven right now,” Deadrick explained.

“There is one place we can go,” Nerui told them, her expression unusually serious.


The End

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