Bruad had been tired after he had woken up, Skrule left Serul to keep the wolves calm, and deal with the ones who had been injured, and they went into Skrule’s tent.

Bruad sat down on the floor, dropping his head into his hands. He ran his fingers through his hair and groaned quietly.

“You will feel a bit drowsy for a while, that’s the flower that I used,” Nerui said softly.

“The flower that Ganir died for,” Bruad growled.

“Young one-“ Skrule began.

“No,” Bruad said sharply, “If it wasn’t for me, Ganir would be fine, and with his mate,”

Deadrick said nothing, but watched the two werewolves intently. Bruad and Skrule spoke like father and son, and with such emotion. He had seen werewolves die before, but it was usually by his hand. He had never considered the fact that they could ever be as human as he was witnessing.

“Bruad, we are brothers by curse,” Skrule spoke as a wizened man would, calmly and knowing, “Ganir gave his life for you,”

“Not by choice-“

“That is neither here nor there, if it had been him lying on the slab with death clawing at him, you would have risked your life for him, you would have gone, headstrong into danger just for even a small chance to rescue him from the afterlife, would you not?” Skrule’s words echoed around the tent, Deadrick was almost in awe of the wolf’s wisdom.

Bruad nodded.

“Deadrick,” Skrule continued, “Why are the Unholy suddenly launching themselves upon us?”

Deadrick looked at the floor.

“It’s because of me,” He replied coldly. Deadrick had realised the moment the horde had attacked them that it was an aimed attack. The longer he stayed with the wolves, the longer they had of getting hurt.

Skrule sighed, he had thought as much.

“Then you must leave, we thank you for helping us. We wish you luck in your quest,” Skrule said finally.

Deadrick nodded, getting up to leave. Danyel and Nerui did the same.

“Wait,” Bruad said, climbing to his feet steadily, “you saved me, you risked your life for me, and now I shall do the same for you,”

Deadrick raised his eyebrow.

“No,” He said defiantly, he had somehow picked up a thief and a royal guard, he was in no way they had space for a pet dog.

“Okay, then I shall help this fair maiden,” Bruad said, referencing Nerui, who blushed, “Seeing as she was the one who directly saved me,”

Deadrick crossed his arms.

“I’m okay with that,” Nerui grinned.

“Fine, then you can stay here,” Deadrick commanded.

Nerui laughed.

“If I stay here, I seriously doubt that Danyel will pick someone who scares him half to death tofollow on his own,” Danyel shrugged as Nerui mentioned him, “And I would love to see you try and fly that Windglider all by yourself,”

Deadricks pursed his lips, snarled and stormed out of the tent.

“Is he like that all the time?” Bruad asked.

“Yup,” Danyel smiled, “Welcome to the team,”


The End

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