Half Kin

Skrule’s camp was a short walk through the bushes, Deadrick was racking his brain as to why his sense hadn’t told him of the werewolves existence.

Was it because they presented no threat? Possibly, but they were still Unholy. Still Turned. You can put as many clothes on a dog as you wanted to, but it was still a dog. Literally, Deadrick thought.

The camp itself looked like it had been set up by competent passing travellers, assorted tents were placed in an abstract pattern around a burning communal fire. Werewolves watched them warily as they entered the camp limit.

“Bruad is in the packmother’s tent, this way,” Skrule said. Deadrick kept his fingers near his holstered gun, a threat or not, he had spent his life treating the dozens of creatures around him as targets.

Skrule took them to one of the largest tents, pulling back the leather curtain doors, revealing a dimly lit room with what looked like a flat topped boulder in the middle. Laying on top of it was a man.

“I thought he was one of your kind?” Nerui asked, examining the man. He was huge, with muscles that showed through his torn shirt. He had untidy hair and was covered in dirt. His chest was wrapped with a blood soaked bandaged.

“He is… a Half Kin,” Skrule said, looking down at Bruad.

Deadrick stepped out across the bed. On closer inspection, Bruad was less human than he first appeared. His ears were slightly pointed, his open mouth bared slightly pointed, only just inhuman teeth.

“A Half Kin?” Deadrick said quietly.

“What’s a… half kin?” Danyel asked.

“One Turned as the moons eclipse,” Deadrick explained, “A Lycan… but with a fraction of humanity, changing forms at will,”

Skrule swept a stray strand of hair from Bruads face.

“This is a deep wound… I’m amazed he has survived this long,” Nerui said, “I don’t have the right herbs… I need someone to go out and find me a flower, they should be abundant in this forest,”

Skrule left the tent and brought in two werewolves.

“This is Ganir and Serul, they are two of our best hunters, they will come with you for protection… this forest has it’s dangers,” Skrule said.

Deadrick would’ve rather have found the flower himself, but before he could say anything, Nerui had drawn a quick sketch of the flower she needed and shoved it into his hands.

“You need to hurry… he won’t last much longer,” She said.

Deadrick nodded and left the tent, followed by Ganir, Serul and Danyel.

“You’re coming as well?” Deadrick groaned, shooting a look at Danyel, “This day just keeps getting better and better,”



The End

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