Deadrick hit the roof below the window, his heavy boots leaving hairline fractures in the concrete, sending a cloud of dust upwards. He absorbed and exerted the force from his body and launched forward. Nerui was more skilled at the landing, she rolled as she hit the ground, and bound after Deadrick using long, gazelle like steps.

As Danyel fell, he heard the guards above, yelling and cursing.

“We’ll never get out of the city walls! Why are we running?!” He asked, barely keeping up with Deadrick.

“Have a little bit of faith. We have a Windglider docked,” Deadrick said, making nothing of a break in the rows of houses, flying over it as though he had wings, “We can reach it before the alarm is sounded if we move!”

The house row ended with a two storey sheer drop onto the street below.

“Nerui, blade!” Deadrick demanded. Nerui unsheathed a long dagger with serrated edges.

“But it’s my favourite,” She said with a lighthearted grin. Deadrick snatched it, raised it into the air, and brought it down into the rooftop. It dug in easily with the force behind it, almost like into flesh.

Deadrick took a length of rope from his belt and tied it to the hilt of the blade, tossing the end off of the roof and onto the street below. Nerui and Deadrick both looked at Danyel, whose face was wide, his eye gazing down the rope.

“Are you sure that’s safe?” He asked.

“Why do you think you’re going first?” Deadrick said coolly.

They each descended separately, painfully and slowly. Deadrick knew that the only people that knew that him and Nerui arrived by Windglider were Streylen and Danyel, so the first priority would be to seal the city walls. Leaving them a small window to escape through the docks.

They left the Imperial District, and Deadrick thanked any deity that was listening for small mercies. It was early morning, and there were a few shopkeepers setting up, more eyes to witness their escape.

The docks were starting to fill up, and the lifts had not yet been activated, so the stairs were another hurdle.

Deadrick forgot for a moment about his two hangers on, Nerui was more agile, but had less energy, Danyel’s armour was weighty, and his job was to spend all day either standing with his hands behind his back or to follow an elderly man. And he himself was hardly built for speed, so they both lagged behind.

They managed to reach the top floor within minutes, and as they reached where they had docked, Deadrick’s heart sank.

Standing in an impenetrable line were ten guards, each armed to the teeth with guns, swords and crossbows.

Deadrick jumped from view, dragging Nerui and Danyel with him.

“What do we do now?” Hissed Nerui.

Deadrick unclipped a handful of small explosives from a small satchel on his belt, readying to cast them towards the guards.

“Don’t kill them!” Danyel said, pleading with Deadrick.

Deadrick growled, running the explosives through his fingers.

“Okay,” He replied sharply, and threw the explosives down the staircase, the force ignited them and there came a small but loud explosion. People on the lower floor screamed and yelled.

The guards panicked and looked at each other, a large number of them left the Windglider, passing them without seeing them, and ran down the stairs.

Deadrick looked round the corner, seeing only one, now rather weak looking guard.

They took the opportunity, with Nerui stepping out from behind the wall.

   “Ma’am, stop, this is… is a restricted zone,” The guard stuttered, as Nerui strode towards him, “Ma’am stop, and turn a-“

Nerui swung a small but powerful fist into his jaw, sending him backwards, clattering into the far wall, out cold.

“Nice job,” Deadrick smiled, and as they heard the guards ascending the stairs, they wasted no time in climbing across the bridge and onto the Windglider. Nerui cut the docking rope, and it pulled away from the dock.

The guards ran onto the balcony, yelling at them, as Nerui turned the flame higher and the Windglider began to climb.

“Deadrick, we have to get out of the city now!” Danyel cried.

Before Deadrick could reply, there were four loud popping sounds, and a spray of splinters as bullets struck the side of the ship.

“Okay, that’s it. No more mister goddamn nice Inquisitor!” Deadrick snarled, taking his gun out and leaning from the side of the ship.

He fired off five bullets, and smiled as two hit their targets, sending two guards barrelling off of the balcony, into the abyss below.

The guards relaxed their fire, and the Windglider propelled forward, flying over the city walls and away into the night.

The End

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