Danyel was unhurt, he climbed to his feet and ran to the King.

“Your Majesty!” He knelt down and propped the kings head onto his arm.

The king’s face was not a pretty sight, his skin was a diluted blue, his wide eyes forever screaming. A trickle of blood ran from his nose.

Deadrick was speechless. The demon had killed the King stone dead in front of him, it hadn’t even tried to take the King as a host. It had been ordered to kill, sent by someone. Or something.

Danyel growled under his breath.

“I’ve failed… failed you, sir,” He half sobbed. Nerui went to him and put her hand on his back.

“Danyel, it wasn’t your fault,” She tried to console him.

“It was, I left his side!” He yelled.

Suddenly, Deadrick heard noise and voices coming from the hallway. Now the Guards turned up.

The door flew open and four heavily armed men burst in.

Deadrick put his hands in the air, trying to look as unthreatening as he could.

   “The King… is dead,” One of the guards stuttered.

“Yes, we were too late, we-“ Deadrick was interrupted by the sound of blades being unsheathed.

“You are all Implicated in the murder of King Markhus Streylen the Seventh, under the terms of the Regicide Act of The Council, you will have no trial and will be executed. Immediately,” The guard said, his face panicked.

Nerui and Danyel shot a look at Deadrick.

“Ah,” Deadrick began, lowering his hands and moving them towards his belt. The guards wariness was obvious, the blades began to shake, these men had never killed anyone, but there was still a chance that they would have no qualms about doing it… and Deadrick couldn’t take that risk.

There was a click, as Deadrick pulled, fast as a crack of lightning, a smoke grenade from his belt and hurled it at the door way. There was a loud pop and a hiss as an explosion of blinding smoke quickly clouded the guards vision.

“Run!” Deadrick yelled, pulling his gun and shooting the window. The glass shattered and cracked, leaving a gap out into the night air as the shards cascaded into the room and onto the roof below. Deadrick threw himself out, followed by Nerui.

Danyel realised that the guards had Implicated him too, and with one last look at his former master, the one he had served for four years- the one he had failed, he jumped out of the window.


The End

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