An Unheeded Warning

The room was huge, two four-poster beds were at opposite ends, in between them was a huge arched window, which looked out upon the Imperial district.

“So this is cushy, isn’t it?” Nerui said, claiming a bed by diving onto it.

Deadrick grunted. He hated ‘cushy’. He would rather be lying on a rough forest floor. As amazing as Gaelwynd was, Deadrick still felt suffocated by the rows of buildings and the endless flood of people.

“How long do you think it will be before the King can see us?” Nerui said, removing a blade from its holster, a whetstone from her small backpack, and began to mindlessly sharpen it.

“I have no idea,” Deadrick replied. He stood by the windowsill, watching the city come to life as night fell.

“What… exactly do you need the audience for?” Nerui had put the whetstone down.

“I saw something… scary,” Deadrick replied.

“Something that scared you?” She sounded dumbfounded.

Deadrick could only nod.

From the hallway, there came a burst of noise, a racket of yells and cries. Deadrick got to his feet and was out of the door in a blur, Nerui curiously followed.

Out in the main hall, a crowd of guards and citizens surrounded a small group of people. They looked fairly odd, two elves and a human, with almost charred black skin. They wore long frayed black cloaks with hoods, and had identical sheathed blades.

They were Syndicate envoys. The Syndicate was a dark cult that followed malevolent deities. Three thousand years ago, they started a war in which millions of soldiers and citizens suffered and died. They never left their mountain-protected home of Nefern Dale.

The human envoy stepped forward.

   “Please! You must listen to us! We have come to warn you of a gods anger!” He yelled, cries of ‘god-schmod’ and other doubtful jeers came from the crowd. “We made a mistake, something we cannot put right ourselves! If you do not heed our warning, you and all your brothers will suffer!”

But they had no standing in the Council, or against the amassing crowd. A group of guards stepped forward from the crowd, obviously ready to use force to get them to move.

The lead envoy sighed and backed down.

“You have doomed yourselves,” He snarled, as a large guard pushed him, and they were led from the Palace.

When the crowd had scattered, Nerui went up to Deadrick.

“What was all that about?” She asked.

Deadrick didn’t know. With the way the Syndicate was looked upon in the world, they should have known that they would have no ears to hear whatever they had to say. They wouldn’t travel all the way from Nefern Dale if they weren’t incredibly desperate.

Something was definitely up, Deadrick thought.

The End

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