The City of Kings

Nerui had been right, Deadrick admitted to himself. The journey that had taken him three days would have taken him just half that time in the Windglider.

It flew so silently through the morning sky, with the occasional noisy burst of flames as he lowered or heightened the altitude.

They flew high over the fields and towns, as they got closer to the centre, high populous areas began to appear as people had tried to move closer to the desirable location of Gaelwynd.

When Gaelwynd came into view, Deadrick was filled with the sense of awe he always felt when he looked upon the City Of Kings.

The tall buildings of all different shapes and sizes sprouted from behind the city walls. Mage towers produced magical colours that rolled across the sky like clouds. 

The one prominent building that caught Deadrick’s eye was the Docks. It was a huge tower that climbed infinitely into the sky, above all the others. On different levels, assorted sizes of airships docked on bridges that extended from balconies.

There were the ships of rich families coming for a holiday to the city, and ships of merchants bringing their stock to the market. Their dock was at the very tip of the spire.

It was the dock reserved for visitors to the King and high ranking Council officials. Deadrick counted himself in this category and steered the Windlgider upwards. As he docked, a guard wandered to the edge and yelled over the abyss between the ship and the balcony.

  “Sir, this is a royal dock! You haven’t the authority to park here!”

Deadrick pulled his sleeve back, revealing a tattoo on his forearm. It seemed to be a sword with the head of a wolf, witch and vampire hanging by lengths rope from the hilt.

The guard saluted, and got the dockworkers to pull the Windglider into position.

Deadrick and Nerui climbed onto the balcony, neither of them were seemingly fazed by the almost bottomless drop below them. The winds were strong, so the guard was having to yell even though they had docked.

“Welcome sir!” The guard saluted him again. Deadrick rolled his eyes.

“Look after that,” Deadrick said firmly and walked off.

“Yeah, and I counted the coins on board, so don’t try anything,” Nerui winked at the dumbfounded guard.

Deadrick was already moving down the stairs that led to the ground floor.

“What was that tattoo you showed him?” Nerui asked. She asked lots of things. She was quite a nuisance really, Deadrick honestly had no clue why he hadn't thrown her overboard yet.

“It’s a skul rek, a Death Ward,” He said, pulling the sleeve. Up close, Nerui could see that it wasn’t a cleanly done tattoo, it had been carved, deep into his skin, “It’s meant to help combat Unholy, the Council uses it to tell the Inquisitors,”

“What’s an Inquisitor?” She asked again.

“I am,” was Deadrick’s only reply.


The End

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