Deadrick didn’t know why he had followed the person who had, just hours ago, tried to kill him. Nerui seemed incredibly untrustworthy and volatile, much like himself.

But, on the other hand, she had sounded rather sincere when she told him to follow her. He also knew that if she tried anything with him, he would snap her neck.

She had led him from the road, over a hill towards a rather large farm house. The farmer obviously had no trouble selling his exports.

Deadrick’s eyes were immediately drawn towards the Rotary Windgliders tethered to huge posts in the ground. Windgliders were often only owned by politicians, and other high ranking officials. They were basically small ‘boats’, with a huge balloon tied on that was heated up and lifted the boat into the air, and then it could be controlled by the huge rotor on the back.

“I suppose it was worth following you, then,” Deadrick said.

Nerui turned to him and smiled.

“The farmer owns two, the other is in the barn. This is small compared to that one, but it will be easier to jack,”

Deadrick agreed silently.

“The fat git will be inside, either eating or sleeping or mentally scarring the woman who’s only with him for his money,” Nerui said, staring intently at the Rotary Windglider.

“You’ve been watching this farm for a while, haven’t you?” Deadrick asked.

“What can I say, I like to people watch,” Was Nerui’s reply, “Come on,”

The End

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