The assassin had followed Deadrick well into the night,

She must have broken the rope, Deadrick thought.

This time, she wasn’t a threat. He was sure of it, she seemed to be following him more out of curiosity than anything. She was rather annoying, to tell the truth. She seemed to think she was hidden, in the trees and the undergrowth, she most certainly wasn’t.

Deadrick decided to stop at the side of the road, he was in no hurry, and the ‘left foot, right foot’ thing became quite mundane after a while.

He used his tinderbox on a bunch of dry sticks, starting an almost immediate fire, and sat on a log. Watching the ‘assassin’ in the bushes.

It was at least fifteen minutes before she emerged, sitting on a thick branch, with one leg dangling over.

“I thought you’d never stop moving,” She said.

It was fairly forward for someone who had just met somebody else under such hostile circumstances.

“I’m doing it more for your benefit, you’ve been following me for a while and I wasn’t sure how much longer you could do it for without a break,” Deadrick said, eating a piece of cheese.

“You knew I was there?” She honestly sounded surprised.

“It’s no fault on your end, believe me. I’m just incredibly hard to sneak up on,” Deadrick was only half interested in his own conversation.

“Oh… I’m Nerui, in case you were wondering,”

“Wonderful. I wasn’t,” Deadrick replied, “Any particular reason you wanted to kill me?”

“Not really, with all your weapons you looked like a good target,” Nerui replied.

“So… you’re a bandit?” Deadrick asked.

Nerui looked incredibly offended.

“No! Bandits are thugs. Elves aren’t thugs. I am an Elf, so I am not a bandit. I prefer the term… rogue,” Nerui said firmly.

“Whatever you say. Now, why are you following me?”

“There are a few reasons, I’m probably going to pick one soon. I may be following you because I have nothing better to do. Or maybe I plan to try killing you again,” She said sinisterly.

Try, being the operative word, Nerui,” Deadrick had finished the conversation, that was clear.

Nerui dropped from the branch with agility and ease.

“You’re going to Gaelwynd, right?” She said, making her way across the camp.

Deadrick nodded.

“And you plan to walk there?” Nerui asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“That’s what I usually do, do you have a better way?”

Nerui smiled.

“Follow me and find out,”

The End

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